Frequently Asked Questions Always happy to answer questions about your air conditioning, because honest advice is what we are all about.

No matter what heating or air conditioning questions you have, ACS/ American Comfort Services has an answer for you. Whether you need help with a heating or ac repair or you’re not sure what type of unit you need, we’re here to help.

Below are some of our frequently asked questions. If you have any other HVAC questions, contact us here or call us today at: (619) 501-2636

It is recommended you change your filter every 3-4 months, depending on the type of filter you have. Some filters are washable and others only need to be changed once a year. If you are unsure about the type of filter you have, give us a call!

We do! However, we only include a standard 1″ filter and a lot of the ultra efficient system filters are an additional cost or you can supply your own and we will replace it for you.

Yes! Annual maintenance is commonly overlooked. You might think since your unit is operating normally that you don’t need maintenance. However, a tune up is important to keep your system in peak performance and to keep your energy bills low.

An analogy we like to use for HVAC maintenance is comparing it to an oil change for your car. Something that might be commonly skipped, or prolonged as much as possible, at the risk of causing damage to your car. An oil change also allows your mechanic to do an inspection of your vehicle and potentially prevent any minor issues turning into big ones.

It is recommended to get your AC unit tuned up once a year. Not only is this required to keep your manufacturer warranties active but it also helps to keep your system in peak performance.

The typical lifespan of a furnace is 15-20 years. While your furnace may still be running, it is recommended to consider replacing the unit when you reach this age as newer units are more energy efficient, saving you more money in the long run.

Thermostat Issues: Check for low batteries and see if restarting it will kickstart your system. Issues with your thermostat can cause your unit to frequently cycle on and off.

Tripped Circuit Breaker: The breaker can accidentally be switched off and cut all power to the unit.

Dirty Filter: It is recommended to change your filters at least once a year to maintain peak performance and keep energy costs low. A dirty filter will cause restricted airflow and can cause strain on your furnace.

Unit Failing to Ignite: It could be an issue with the gas supply, pilot light or ignition switch.

A mini split unit consists of a slimmer outdoor condenser and one or more indoor units mounted to a wall or ceiling. Many homeowners opt for this over a traditional system as it is less invasive (it does not requiring ducting) and allows for individual temperature control among different rooms. Many mini split systems do both heating and cooling.

The average timeframe for a traditional gas furnace and air conditioner is 1 day.

A ballpark price for a new heating system installation is around $5k. There are many factors that go into the price including the size of the unit, if duct work needs to be installed, and where the unit is located.

Our traditional forced air systems come with a 10-year parts warranty from the manufacturer. Our mini split systems come with a 12-year parts warranty from the manufacturer. All of our systems include ACS® Satisfaction Guarantee, No Hidden Cost Guarantee, and Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee.

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