Heat Pump System San Diego Save Big | New Heat Pump Installation. Heat Pumps operate on electricity and use significantly less energy than a gas-operated furnace or boiler.

Looking to enjoy quiet, comfortable, energy-efficient home heating and air conditioning. A heat pump might be the upgrade you need. These versatile systems move warm air from the outside to the inside of the home when in heating mode and can reverse to operate like an air conditioner in cooling mode. Heat pumps are perfect for areas like San Diego County, where winters are mild, as this type of unit become less efficient in extremely cold weather.

Heat Pump System San Diego What is a Heat Pump? Quick answer: Energy efficient home comfort

A heat pump uses refrigerant to provide both heating and cooling for indoor space. The outdoor condenser pumps refrigerant to indoor air handler one way for cooling and then can reverses the flow of refrigerant for heating. The air moving across the air handler inside coil is cooled or heated depending on the mode set at controller. Ductless mini split systems have been an excellent home comfort choice for most homeowners.

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Ductless split heating system is a highly efficient heating option that enables you to heat only the rooms you are in or rooms that need to be conditioned; you can effectively control the temperature in each room that is part of your mini split air conditioning system. Ductless mini split systems provide one of the best heating choices for San Diego Homeowners.

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