Reliable Heating and Air Conditioning September 20, 2018

Reliable Heating and Air Conditioning AC Installation

Looking for a reliable heating and air conditioning system? With many air conditioning brands and many application options it can be challenging to decide what is best and most reliable ac system for you. From the standard gravity-type heating to the VRF systems on the market today we can help explain the differences and benefits in this article.

Radiant Heating

There is several types of radiant heating systems available as a indoor comfort solution. Let me correct myself because “solution” is incorrect when the radiant type units only provides heat. This does not meet all indoor comfort needs. Most homes in San Diego demand cooling or dehumidification to be comfortable. Now don’t get me wrong a stand alone gas-fired wall furnace is a great option for maybe a small rental property that is located by the beach. Or maybe a cabin in Julian, CA that has surrounding trees providing shade and excellent airflow from the mountain ranges providing natural cool air most days of the year.

Reliable Heating and Air Conditioning

Whole-home heating and cooling using ductwork. FAU is the term used to describe this type of home comfort option. A Forced Air Unit is a system commonly found in San Diego homes because of the clean or rather hidden installation. This is a great option to select especially if the home has an attic or crawlspace.

Mini Split Air Conditioning

One of the best options for heating and cooling is the mini split system. Designed to allow homeowners to create indoor comfort zones to maximize energy savings. Each comfort air zone has an indoor unit to provide heating or cooling as needed. This creates ultimate indoor comfort control. The mini split system is a very reliable heating and air conditioning option that has proven to be a homeowners top pick. With the industry’s best warranty we can’t argue.

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