Heat Pump TECH Clean California Rebate

TECH Clean California San Diego County incentives are available!

TECH Clean California Heat Pump Incentives


How the TECH Clean California Rebate Works

The TECH Clean California rebates cover retrofit heat pump installations throughout the state and offer $1,000 for each unit, up to 2 units per single-family household. Rebates for multi-family heat pump installations are $2,000 per unit.

All types of HVAC heat pumps qualify for the rebate, but the project must be a non-heat pump to heat pump conversion. There are a few other stipulations that apply for the TECH rebates, such as:

  • Heat pump must be installed by a TECH-enrolled contractor—like Brower Mechanical
  • Equipment must be AHRI matched systems
  • Equipment must meet Title 24 code standards

These TECH Clean California heat pump incentives are available on a first come, first serve basis, and your qualified contractor needs to apply on your behalf. ACS/ American Comfort Services is currently enrolled in the TECH Clean California program and can help you qualify for their rebates to make your heat pump installation simple and cost-effective.

TECH Clean California Rebates Are Layerable

  • Up to $2,000 in federal tax credits through the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA)
  • And more!

Home Energy Efficiency Incentives

Technology & Equipment for Clean Heating (TECH). The first step is to contact a registered TECH contractor like ACS/ American Comfort Services. As your local San Diego, CA HVAC contractor we are tasked with reporting an appropriate bundle of home services for you and eventual rebate eligibility. This is a performance based program. If you would like to learn more request service or call (619) 501-2636 and our office will call you to discuss the TECH Clean California rebate with you.

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