I’m Hearing Sounds from Air Conditioner: Normal or Not? September 20, 2018

Whether it is odd ac noises or smell or even a little bit of water you may not be sure if it is a normal function of your air conditioning unit in San Diego. Here are a few tips to determine whether or not what’s happening with your HVAC system on a daily basis is within the normal range or not.

Air Conditioning Unit

The majority of HVAC systems in your home don’t make much noise aside from airflow or the cycling on and off of the unit. Your normally functioning air conditioning unit will not have much noise at all. If you hear a clicking, rattling or banging noise this is certainly not normal in a running unit. A part could be broken or loose or there could even be something stuck inside of one of your vents. There could also be something stuck in the fan or condenser outside. If you don’t call for ac service you could do some major damage to your unit if the problem is not fixed.

AC Odors

When your unit is running properly it should not emit any type of odors. Occasionally at the start of the heating season you could have a burning smell which is simply due to the fact that dust and debris have collected during the non-usage time and are burning off. This is a normal smell as long as it only lasts a brief time.

Air Conditioning Leaking

As far as water goes for your HVAC unit a little bit is typically OK. Your unit will have condensation similar to sweat on the coils or outside of the unit. A little bit of water is no cause for concern. However if you see leakage in the form of a larger amount of water from your furnace, air-conditioner or other area this is probably not normal. Your system has a built-in drain and it could get clogged which will lead to leaks. You could also have mold or mildew development which can damage your unit and cause a leak. If you have a large amount of water other than just a small condensation. It’s best to call your HVAC technician to have them come out and check out the problem.

Unfortunately, if you are noticing any type of strong odor coming from your unit you will need to call for service ASAP. It is always best to turn your unit off immediately if you smell burning with the exception of the first time you turn it on for heat during the winter. A burning or other odor could signify a melted wire or an air filter that is way overdue for a change. You could also have odors if you have a buildup of mold. This will smell musty or stale. You will need to call your technician to remove the mold properly.

Most of the year we turn our AC or heat on and it runs with no issues and no funny ac noises. However, as a homeowner you should know what is normal and not normal in the daily function of your unit. If you have major leaks, extended strong odors or loud noises you need to call the experts at ACS/ American Comfort Services for a professional repair. Keep in mind preventative maintenance is the least expensive way to keep your ac unit in top shape for many years to come.

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