Ultimate Temperature Control With Smart Thermostat Installed September 20, 2018

Control Your Home Comfort

The thermostat in your home is an important piece of controlling not only the temperatures but your monthly energy costs. If you have a manual thermostat or an older digital thermostat you should consider getting a smart thermostat installed. Thermostat efficiency and saving money on heating or cooling being the number one reason. The best home comfort controls are smart thermostats and programmable thermostats. Below are the basic differences between the two so that you can choose what is ideal for your home.

Smart Thermostat Installed

Control Your Home Comfort

The smart thermostat is the latest technology in the air control. These thermostats have many modern features such as being able to control them when you are not at home and automatically adjusting temperatures based on time of day and past temperature usage. These thermostats are also able to be controlled via an app on your smart phone, tablet or computer. They offer the utmost energy efficiency.  Smart Wi-Fi thermostats are initially a bit more expensive than programmable thermostats but you will save money in the long run. By having the ability to control your home air conditioning settings remotely you can help lower your home energy usage and dial in the perfect temperature for your arrival and departures.

Programmable Thermostat Installation

Programmable thermostats are the most common used controls. They can be programmed for a few different times of day and make it easy to adjust temperatures. Programmable thermostats are much more accurate than older manual thermostats and help homeowners maintain energy efficiency.

If you have a manual thermostat you should consider upgrading. There are many thermostat manufactures that produce the smart and programmable controls. Let the experts at ACS/ American Comfort Services help you choose the best thermostat for your home. Then we can install your new home comfort control quickly and professionally.

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