Eliminate COVID-19 From Comforts of Home. February 16, 2021

Everyone has seen the warnings the CDC has put out regarding Coronavirus. The White House is urging people to be prepared for a severe outbreak of the virus in the United States. It is not uncommon for people to stock up on water and nonperishables, but should you be prepared in other ways? In this post, we will talk about Coronavirus, how air purifiers could potentially filter the spread of disease, and whether or not your HVAC system’s air filters could potentially eliminate COVID-19.

What is Coronavirus? Recently in the news, we have seen the disease be described as a “Cold” or “flu” type illness. These comparisons have been made to try to soothe the globally widespread panic. In many ways, this comparison is valid; according to the CDC, most humans have had one of the common strains of Coronavirus at one point in their lifetime. These strains cause symptoms such as sinus infections or sore throats. Scientists all over the world are creating at least a vaccine for the disease, but it is still very early.

How Air Purifiers Keep You Healthy

Air purifiers work just how you think they would; they take in contaminated air and release purified air. They are commonly used to help people combat allergies, and they do a great job of removing odors from your home. They take the air and remove things such as floating particles, pollen, and even mold. Studies show that 80% of people who use air purifiers reported having an easier time breathing, less coughing, and less congestion. These AC filters can catch about 99% of particles floating around in your home. This is great for improving your overall health. But what does this mean for diseases like Coronavirus? A disease like Coronavirus has significantly smaller particles, making it much harder to trap in AC filters.

Can AC filters filter Eliminate COVID-19?

We know that hospitals have been practicing new protocols to try to keep the spread of the airborne illness to a minimum. Some manufacturers have been testing household products against COVID-19, and the results have been very impressive. It is crucial to keep in mind that while the HEPA filters will trap the virus, it will not destroy it. The virus will live within the filter for the length of its lifespan; in the case of COVID-19, that would be up to 9 days. For those looking to be extra cautious, industrial air purifiers are available to buy for your home, although they can come with a hefty price tag.

Although air purifiers cannot completely destroy the virus, they are certainly a step in the right direction for containing it. By trapping the virus, this will help keep you from breathing it in, and help impede the spread of it through the air. While there remains a lot to understand about this sweeping pandemic, we must be proactive in safeguarding our own health and wellbeing by any measure. As they say, “You can never be too safe!” Consider contacting ACS/ American Comfort Services for all your HVAC needs.

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