Central Air vs Mini Split February 26, 2021

Central Air vs Mini Split

One of the biggest choices you’ll have to make in your lifetime may be: central air vs mini split? This decision ultimately will affect your wallet and overall comfort for decades. Heating and cooling systems account for nearly half the cost of an electric bill for most homes. Selecting the right indoor comfort system is different for every space. Some homes are very large and need large amounts of air conditioned. While other spaces are quite small and have very little heating cooling demand.

Central Heating and Air

Central air conditioning systems are a great choice for large homes or business spaces that need to move a large amount of airflow to maintain a comfortable temperature. Central air conditioning units also allow for air purification and upgraded air filtration. This can really make the biggest difference for someone that suffers from a breathing condition or suffers with allergies. When considering the overall aesthetics or look of your indoor comfort system a central system can be installed discreetly. With homeowner only seeing air vent registers or linear diffusers to supply airflow.

Mini Split Air Conditioners

central air vs mini split san diego

Perfect for a small home or bungalow in Southern California. Low profile outdoor unit matched with a wall-mounted indoor air handler can provide excellent heating and cooling. For the large home that has many small rooms a mini split system may be a better choice. Mini split indoor units can be sized for small to large rooms and connect with inverter heat pump condenser. The indoor units can be sized down to 6,000 BTUs which is perfect for most San Diego home bedrooms. The mini split unit BTU output increase slightly for larger rooms or indoor spaces that have a greater heat load. For a mid-size bedroom or office spaces you can select the 9,000 BTU mini split indoor unit. Then you have the 12,000 BTU and 15,000 BTU mini split options for larger spaces. The indoor units are matched with the variable speed refrigerant flow to provide needed levels of heating and cooling. A truly engineered home comfort system.

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